Why should I consider installing outdoor lights?

Outdoor lighting is an essential part of our personal and working lives.

  • Safety and security. Strategically placed lights by entrance ways or shadowy areas gives more security from uninvited surprises or unexpected falls.
  • Appreciate your day-time efforts at night. You take time to create a pleasant space - whether on your personal property or at your business. Why not illuminate it at night to showcase it? Outdoor lights extend your relaxation and entertainment evenings. Show it off!
  • Subliminal, quiet, billboards for business. Businesses that invest in outdoor lighting create a 'second look' opportunity for their customers at night which is a wise use of advertising dollars.
  • Resale value. A professionally designed lighting design will increase the value of your property.
Can I install a low voltage outdoor lighting system myself?

Yes. Knowledge and research of electrical conductivity (electrical wiring and power loss) should be understood prior to installing so that your lighting system will work properly. It is essential that when installing your own system that you consider the quality of the product you use as this will determine the lighting effect and lifespan of the lights.

A professionally installed lighting system ensures that lights won't burn out prematurely. Artistic Lighting Design pays attention to placement and angles to maximize your lighting's capabilities. We use only quality products that are durable, stylish and carry good warranties.

Can you help me fix my current lighting system?

Yes. Our maintenance program services both residential and commercial applications and offers LED retrofit options. Our installers are knowledgeable in repairing the common hiccups that can occur in outdoor lighting systems. Ask us for a free estimate on your existing system.

Call or text us at (250) 864-5483 or email [email protected] to make a booking.

Why are LED products a better choice than incandescent?
  1. LED light fixtures use only 10% of the energy that incandescent/halogen systems will use. An average outdoor residential lighting system with 25 LED lighting fixtures and digital timer will cost you less than $20 per year in energy costs when the system is illuminated six hours per night.
  2. LED lighting systems are easy on the environment and your health. LED bulbs are cool, and use less energy. Incandescent bulbs contain Mercury.

Here are a few more reasons why LED is a smart choice: Reasons to convert to LED

What is a computer generated lighting design?

For larger jobs — both residential and commercial — we will create a computer generated lighting design from the photographs we take of the property. The design and detailed lighting quote will be emailed to you so that you can view them in the convenience of your home or office.

Can I add more lights to my lighting system?

Yes. Artistic Lighting Design ensures that every new lighting installation has room to grow - meaning there is enough power from the transformers to incorporate more light fixtures in the future if required.

For existing systems that have not been installed by our team, we will upgrade your transformer to accommodate more lighting.

What type of LED products do you use?

Canadian winters can be unpredictable. Quality products are key in our world. The products we use are brands such as Kichler, WAC, and FX Luminaire which are made for weather in Western Canada. Simply said, we will not install a product if we are not comfortable with its durability.

Our landscape lighting fixtures are made from metal, powder-coated finishes with both sealed and unsealed lighting units. Our commercial colour changing LED underwater, linear, and wall washes carry the best available warranty on today's market. The festival and seasonal light choices are commercial grade, unique, and earth friendly.

We work closely with many manufacturers so that you have the best choices for your customized lighting design.

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