ALD guarantees that your business will stand out at night with our unique and customized ideas, commercial grade lighting products, and professional installation for:

  • Upper building perimeter
    Permanent or temporary bulb or linear lighting that will not droop or sag and is installed on the top perimeter of your building and can be seen at night from a distance.
  • Lower frontage and patios
    Trendy lighting for enhanced street appeal attracting pedestrian and vehicle traffic into your business.
  • Trees and foliage
    Highlighting the greenery near and around your building.
  • Signage
    Updating and re-energizing your business brand.
  • Seasonal, special occasion, and Christmas
    Add some festive bling to bring in more business during any holiday or special event.

Why use lighting design for your business?

  • Increases the visibility and appeal of your business.
  • Helps customers find your business location easily​.
  • Provides night-time safety and ambiance lighting in your community​.
  • Is a silent, subliminal billboard.

What message is your business reflecting at night?

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We offer lighting that will:

  • Highlight your company's brand with customized signage and frontage designs.
  • Illuminate your community's dark spaces to make them safe, useable and artistic at night.
  • Accentuate sculptures.  We will contact the sculpture's artist to fully understand their design before illuminating the art.
  • Be trendy with festival and seasonal lighting consisting of LED white and coloured lights, wall washes, icicles, snowflakes and Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes.
  • Be one of a kind with quality products that last more than five seasons.

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