Tasteful, well lit spaces attract people. A good lighting system, especially in the darker, shorter hours of the year can bring a comfort and feeling of safety to the residents and visitors of your community, with its subliminal 'open for business' illuminated message.

Well thought out lighting plans will always include safety lighting ensuring that walkways, staircases and vulnerable spaces are lit for overall safety.

Why use lighting design in your community?

ALD takes a team approach style in working together with your committees, councils or parks personnel to create safe and amazing illumination designs for your:

  • Main streets
  • Green spaces
  • Parks
  • Wharfs
  • Walkways
  • Sculptures

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Every town and city is so unique

ALD takes the time to understand the personality of your town or city in helping to develop a lighting design that reflects the colours or style of each particular community - ensuring that the customized designs are not replicated anywhere else.

The newest LED lighting technology enables us to supply the most energy efficient features with maintenance and energy cost savings.

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